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May. 18th, 2016

Due Consideration

Plants! And Stuff!

Nearly all the plants indoors are now outdoors or on the porch (easy to enclose if it gets below 40F at night). I've a few more upstairs to move out, but it's too late in the day for that now.

Moving plants onto the porch entailed moving a bunch of stuff around or off the porch, then moving a table and a long bench onto the porch -- bit of work, but got it done.

Also transplanted a few new plants into pots on the patio: Petunias, Pansies, one Lady's Mantle (to keep my remaining one company), and a mix of leaf lettuces.

Did you know that Petunias come in black? I didn't know that until this past Saturday - now I have two of them :)


I've been looking for a couple of nearly-finished tent bags for a week or so now, then figured I'd probably have to move the plants to find them, and I was correct. Hate have so much stuff jammed into one space; now I have room to go through what's still in the dining room and get things sorted.

Hoping soon to either rearrange or otherwise make enough space in the trailer to move a coat rack into it. It's a lovely old thing with a center post and the rack is a spiral with acorn-like knobs to keep things separate. I've used it for a few different things but it really isn't fitting into the house anymore. Since we're working on insulating the trailer and making it more usable, a coat rack is an eminently practical addition.

May. 16th, 2016

Due Consideration


...still snowing...

Car's been towed.

Might still go out to the trailer...after lunch.

Apr. 27th, 2016

Due Consideration

Victorian Jackets

1891 Victorian Soutache Jacket

1895 Afternoon Jacket

1898 - 1900 Jacket

Apr. 22nd, 2016

Due Consideration



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Apr. 20th, 2016

Due Consideration

Persian Textiles on Oseberg Ship


Apr. 14th, 2016


Jin Shin Jyutsu


A simple intro

Apr. 5th, 2016

Due Consideration

One more for Chinese Mythological Creatures (CMC)


That's my Pinterest page, which has inspirations for many different critters
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Apr. 1st, 2016

Due Consideration

Stuff and more stuff

Well, so much for posting more regularly - last time was February, sheesh.


I've managed to do costuming work twice in the past month or so -- once for Disney D*C group and once to make improvements on my black steampunk neck thingie -- Collar? Choker? Whatever. It's a couple inches wide, not including the netting I used to make the ruffly bits so as I don't have a nice long swan neck it was getting crunched in the front. So I cut the front part off, re-did the hemmed edges to form a slight curve, plus re-attached it slightly lower than it was before.

It also tended to turn a bit - the buttons are hefty so likely that contributes. I'd always intended to add more to it, so I took apart a necklace and used it to adorn the collar and weight the center front. The necklace was originally made by Kayleigh and I wore it for a while and then what I was wearing had changed so that it wasn't working as well with things, so it's nice that I'll be wearing it again, if in a different form than before. I'll try to take a picture of it soonish.


Still spending most of my time and energy and moving stuff, organizing, etc. Quite tiresome, but there it is. On the plus side, have actually managed to get some stuff permanently out of the house and off the property in general -- someday we might even be considered to have space.... it's a gradual process not only because there's a lot of stuff, but sometimes I put something out and let it be for a while, to decide if it's going to stay or not. And then I made enough space to be able to open some more boxes...and then it all starts up again. I've decided I can't make all the decisions right now, so in some cases I'm just repacking things -- BUT! I was able to condense three boxes of stuff into one box, which still isn't full, so I guess that's proof that I'm still making progress...


Dryer still isn't great, and the stove has always had a few issues. They're the only things that use liquid propane, so when the company decided to charge us for the right to have the tanks on our property (we only order once a year), the decision to switch to electric wasn't hard. Those are arriving this coming Tuesday.

We need one of the electrical outlets changed from 110 to 220 so we called a recommended electrician...who isn't good at returning calls or setting dates :P Finally got confirmation he can do the job before the install (Tuesday morning!!) -- L says we probably succeeded because I sacrificed a peep the day before...

I need to sacrifice a few more, I think...

I do believe we're moving forward with the solar panels, but it's been one thing after another. Yup, definitely more peeps...


Good news - we're walking more. Bad news - still not losing weight. Probably not eating enough to compensate for increase activity levels...at least we're both building up endurance again, sigh. Being on a ton of allergy and asthma meds probably affecting results.


And, of course, weird warm weather being interrupted by freezing weather in a few days...really hoping that we actually do get snow, as they're now forecasting even colder weather than before -- would like it if the fresh greens were protected.


Some yard work was also done, and the stone altar is a little taller now. Work in progress.
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Jan. 25th, 2016

Due Consideration

Still Running in Place as Fast as I Can

New Year's Eve we actually considered going to visit some friends across the valley (in the afternoon), but other things we really had to do left us with not enough energy. We didn't even go to Elmer's for their NYE party (which ends at 9pm so we can all go home and be comfy, lol). Nope, just watched a movie and took it easy.

Saw Hunger Games, enjoyed it. Yes, we've seen Star Wars: A Force Awakens. Twice. No, it isn't the best movie ever made, and yes, the heroic journey is not a new story. But they told it fairly well and we liked it. I paid more attention to the fight sequences the second time around after reading a few people's complaints, and I think it was all reasonable, if you're really paying attention to _everything_ that's happened. Of course, you also have to realize that in the end, nobody actually won.

Twenty-one years together for L and I; hopefully more down the road, if we take care of ourselves.

Financial paperwork for my mom's estate is ongoing -- my brother Kent is really doing a great job. Fortunately cleaning her place was the hardest part of putting her place up for sale, so I'm glad L and I could help with that...after he finished get the rest of the stuff out we didn't have time for, he got in a professional cleaning crew, who did a great job washing surfaces, rug-cleaning, etc. The place got offers the week it went on the market. Things should go all right from here, but there still needs to be final inspection, etc.

Trying to figure out the best use for the funds I'm getting from her various savings. I'll put some into the mortgage -- won't change things much in the immediate future, but will reduce the amount of interest that can accrue as I think I'll cut a few years off the end of the mortgage. I might put more into it later, but we have some things to do with renovations, etc. first.

I've started small, with a couple of flatpack cabinets for the upstairs bathroom, to replace the plastic shelving. I'm trying to enclose some stuff so I can reduce cleaning time. I'm terrible about cleaning, so if I can make the time I do spend on it go further, it's all good. We were already planning on built-in cabinetry in the dining room, but of course it's nice to have a cushion for all of this -- and plans haven't changed for how we're going to do that, either. On the other hand, when I buy new faucets and shower head for the upstairs bathroom, we'll get a professional to put them in -- one of our nephews does plumbing, so it'll be nice to send some of those dollars his way.

We took my mom's bedroom furniture for L's side of the room, so now he has working drawers and we should be able to fit all his clothing into them. I was really tired of fighting with the old drawers, which didn't have guides.

Fitting in the other bits of furniture has been a challenge, but slowly figuring things out. Getting rid of things too, of course. The old dresser is in the barn still, but I think it's going into his mother's church's summer sale or something...really, between the new stuff and the planned construction projects, it's like moving into the house all over again.

The greenhouse project should be happening this year, as well as the solar panels (yay for gov't incentives and stuff, as well as for three small hilltowns banding together to get the best contractor prices). In retrospect, it's a good thing these two projects didn't happen last year, even though it means the dining room is currently full of plants and stuff. If they'd gone forward last fall, L might have had to stay in MA instead of joining me in CA, and he was instrumental in getting some things done there.

Yes, emotional stuff is happening. I don't write about it much because thinking about things enough to put it into words for other people is hard. The fact that my mother and I had a complicated relationship doesn't help. I am glad that I went out in October, the month before she died; it was the best visit we'd ever had. Just about perfect, for both of us.

More to say, but this is already pretty long.
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Dec. 1st, 2015

Due Consideration

Steampunk (ish) Event Guid 2016


Includes some conventions which Steampunks attend but are not SP events as a focus, like Arisia.

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