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water drops

Climate Change/Pollution - Info and Small Rant

Jim Hansen, Climate Scientist. Some history, including how he outwitted both Bush administrations, in order to get his research out to the public.

Meantime, it took 3 years of dedicated time and effort, but China finally put out a coal mine fire that's been burning for 50 years. There's still enough left for them to go back in and mine it, unfortunately. But given the rising price of oil and their determination to "catch up" with the western world, not surprising. Mind you, they are making some efforts to clean up their act, here and there, but the country's too big and graft is widespread (like it isn't in some other countries?) for their efforts to be very effective at this point. Like the U.S., there are people trying to make a difference, and other people not listening.

Too bad the developed nations aren't doing more to clean up their acts -- leading by example is the best way to influence others' actions.... I knew the U.S. overall uses too much oil, but it was still quite something to that with only 5% of the world's population, we're using 25% of the world's oil. (almost makes China looks good...) And of course, considering the U.S. only produces 2% of oil, not the smartest thing in the world to be doing.... which is why there's a reluctance to give up coal, because a lot of countries have their own coal deposits.

Us regular folks can do what we can to cut down, but it sure would be nice if some of the rich folks would do the same. Considering some of are probably using enough resources for a village, now _that_ would make an impact.

And the head of the U.S. Department of Energy getting rid of the weatherization program? What's that about? 30 years of helping poor(er) people insulate their homes -- around 5.5 million homes! And now, not only have they gotten rid of one of their most successful programs, they've removed all mention of it from their web site as well.

Fortunately, they aren't the only agency people can get help from -- but is it any wonder that more and more, each state/county/city/town is doing their own thing and ignoring the federal government?

Sigh. Next post will be more positive!

Right now, I need to go offline (save some of that coal they're burning to supply electricity for this part of the state....)


I'm going to add you as an lj-friend if that's okay.
Sure, that's fine. Although if you've poked through past posts, you'll notice I don't just post about environmental stuff.

btw, I noticed in your posts that you'll be coming to Smith this year? My dad taught at the School of Social Work back in the '70s to very early '80s. We live 'up the hill' from Northampton, in Ashfield.
Oh, I wanted to add you because we have a lot of crafting interests in common.

That's really cool about your dad! Yay for social workers.

I actually already live in Noho. I thought you live in S. Hadley. Not anymore?
Oh, okay, cool. Just curious, how did you find me? Through Sharon's blog?

Oops, guess I need to update my profile!

We used to live in Holyoke, which is very near to S. Hadley. We moved to Ashfield in October -- Lyle's brother Warren had bought a place of his own the next town over, which freed up the 2nd floor apartment at the folks' farm. It was a real crunch to mostly finish renovating our place and put it on the market, but we managed. In some ways I would have liked to go straight from one permanent place to another, but this way we paid down some bills and can save up for our future place. Plus, it's nice to be able to help out around the farm more, without the nearly 80 mile commute we'd been doing. If you check out one of my posts from a day or so ago, you can see some pictures of the farm.
Centralia. 'nuff said.

(I have driven down a road that had flames coming out of it)
Yup, the official types around there could take a few pages from the Chinese' book.
I wonder if the Chinese would be willing to help with the Centralia fire in Pennsylvania? That's been burning for at least 40 years and has pretty much destroyed the town....

LOL! Sorry, just thought it was interesting you and fosveny both posted about the same time on Centralia.

Yeah, either help from the Chinese or at least the plan for how they did it. That's a sad and strange place, Centralia.
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